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Why we standout in a crowd?

  • Mission

    priZem Hospitality Solutions (pZi) endeavors to be characterized as a company of hospitality professionals who are providers of profitable hospitality solutions and distributors of necessary business information that is imperative to the success of any company striving to succeed. pZi also aspires to be recognized in the hospitality industry as the definitive leader in decision making information and quality business resources.

  • A Force in the Industry

    pZi provides hoteliers with a suite of products and hosted services to help enhance revenues and reduce expenses by offering its own tools which were developed by experienced hospitality people for the hospitality industry. Each product specifically handles either labor/revenue management and reporting, competitive marketing service analysis or budget preparation and review by providing management with the flexible information it needs which is only available through the reliable power of a structured database.

icon Founding Partners

  • Jose Acosta

    "Business Performance Tools is a must have for all hospitality financiers, we offer automation for cumbersome tasks, to let you concentrate on data analysis and swift response."

    Premier financial professional with over 25 years of experience in finance and operations at the property, corporate and owner/investor level.
  • Paul West

    "priZem Hospitality Solutions is a provider of hospitality, corporate and property financial solutions that effectively reduces the budget/forecast preparation cycle; facilitates the daily labor/revenue preparation and reporting process; increases overall operational data accuracy and allows for faster corporate/departmental report distribution."

    Versatile, technical professional with over 25 years at all levels of industry related to technology and operations.

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