It’s BUDGET Time Again – Prepared - Using Spreadsheets - AGAIN!!!

  • Posted: 29 Aug 2013 /
  • By: Jose Acosta /
  • Tags: Finance

Finance executives in corporate America today are under so much additional pressure. Burdened by a struggling economy, high-profile accounting scandals, and a weak stock market with consecutive declines, finance executives find themselves pressed by government regulators, owners and investors to produce faster, more reliable, and more transparent financial outlooks upon which they can emphatically place their seal of approval.[ . . . ]

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priZem Hospitality Solutions Increases Financial Reporting Power by Partnering with Jet Reports

  • Posted: 03 Jul 2013 /
  • By: Paul West /
  • Tags: Finance, Technology

priZem Hospitality Solutions announces its partnership with Jet Reports USA to enhance the power of financial reporting for any business using priZem’s Business Performance Tools (BPT) application. priZem provides property or web based options to handle labor productivity reporting, daily revenue preparation and budgeting/forecasting for large, multi-property companies and small, individual hotel, restaurant, spa or golf operations. Jet Reports provides a live to database connection that allows for real time reporting with the look and feel of a spreadsheet.[ . . . ]

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Are You Laying-off the Right Employees?

  • Posted: 28 Jun 2013 /
  • By: Paul West /
  • Tags: Operations

The current weak economic climate has hotel managers spinning as they try to find ways to increase revenues and reduce costs. However, many managers continue to make the same mistake of drastic across-the-board payroll cuts, which reduce costs in the short term; but, have negative long-term effects that result from a correlating reduction in customer service. [ . . . ]

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