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Budget Preparation and Monthly Forecasting

  • Overview

    This module is designed to streamline the budget/forecast process for an entire organization while also involving management and departmental staff at the appropriate decision level. By directly importing historical financial and statistical data from any back office system, management can use key business indicators to generate future period projections for the entire business. Easy ongoing maintenance and automated utilities allow for spending less time on system mechanics and manual spread sheets and more time on company development and analysis - available online or as a property installed application.

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    - Update the database by importing trial balance data after each month end

    - Import an entire chart of accounts from any back office system

    - View, print or export reports to any format for easy emailing and departmental distribution

    - Utilize the budget database as a forecasting module

    - Make changes to the budget/forecast and review results immediately

    - Produce budgets/forecast via the Internet using only a web browser and review reports from any location for a property or entire company

    - Handle all necessary currency conversions

    - Create a zero-based budget and provide a tool to track detailed information and assumptions as back-up for each line item

  • Key Features

    - Security - the ability to maintain budget/forecast data by properly assigning multiple user access to designated divisions, departments or accounts

    - Efficiency - ability to manage, consolidate and present information on demand

    - Immediacy - ability to analyze results of changing assumptions, data or consolidation structures in real time

    - Open Architecture - capable of interfacing with many systems on multiple platforms

    - Consistency - capable of accepting and storing different types of data from multiple sources across the company in a consistent manner

    - Integrity - minimize errors due to redundant data entry and ensure that users are accessing the same, most current information

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icon Efficiency, Accuracy and Flexibility

Business Performance Tools is the definite industry solution for budget/forecast preparation, daily labor and operations reporting to work with any property and accounting systems

  • Clean layout
  • Real-time
  • Customizable solution
  • Tailored to the complexities of the hospitality industry
  • Available via the Internet as a hosted service or as a property/company installed solution

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