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Daily Labor Reporting

  • Overview

    Designed to handle the complications of hospitality industry labor costs and allow for immediate productivity analysis - before rather than later. Compare actual hours and wages by position to forecast, budget and prior year while relating to key performance indicators. Facilitate labor productivity analysis by importing actual hours and wages and comparing them to forecast, budget, prior year and desired key performance indicators.

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    Provides important information which enables hotel operators to:

    - Remove the weak link created by the common use of manual, inefficient and error-prone spreadsheets

    - Remove the weak link created by the common use of manual, inefficient and error-prone spreadsheets

    - Analyze labor realistically by comparing hours and wages to more meaningful business indicators

    - Evaluate multiple properties and companies

    - Handle currency conversions

  • Key Features

    Allows management to generate useful and insightful reports as well as:

    - Measure chosen performance indicators against historical key performance indicators

    - Interface with any time clock or time & attendance software

    - Produce departmental reports and a staffing guide

    - Automatically generate labor forecasts by position

    - Import revenue and statistical data directly from property systems

    - Export data to any spread sheet or budget program

    - Provide corporate management with the ability to evaluate labor cost from one central location

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icon Efficiency, Accuracy and Flexibility

Business Performance Tools is the definite industry solution for budget/forecast preparation, daily labor and operations reporting to work with any property and accounting systems

  • Clean layout
  • Real-time
  • Customizable solution
  • Tailored to the complexities of the hospitality industry.
  • Available via the Internet as a hosted service or as a property/company installed solution

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