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Daily Revenue Reporting and Income Journal Preparation

  • Overview

    This module provides a faster solution to the daily revenue preparation and income audit process by decreasing the preparation time, increasing the accuracy of vital operational data and thereby allowing for faster departmental distribution of reports - available as an online service or property installed application.

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    Improves the daily audit process and allows for the faster production of daily reports by enabling property operators to:

    - Import property management revenue and statistics

    - Reduce errors commonly incurred with spreadsheets by removing the need for manual entries

    - Make edits as needed to accommodate any nightly adjustments

    - Automatically generate an income journal entry that can be imported into any Accounting system

    - Save overall time and effort in completing the audit process

  • Key Features

    Allows management to generate useful and insightful reports as well as:

    - Import daily audit data from property systems automatically into a database to manage growing historical data more sensibly

    - Print daily revenue reports or export to a file as email attachment to all management

    - Export an income journal to a file that can be imported directly into any Accounting system

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icon Efficiency, Accuracy and Flexibility

Business Performance Tools is the definite industry solution for budget/forecast preparation, daily labor and operations reporting to work with any property and accounting systems

  • Clean layout
  • Real-time
  • Customizable solution
  • Tailored to the complexities of the hospitality industry.
  • Available via the Internet as a hosted service or as a property/company installed solution

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